Natural, plant based products and ingredients for disruptive innovation in harmonie with our environment. 

We bring together and work with experts in the field of natural effective ingredients and algae, from the financial world and from the industry to create the new „Mittelstand“, reliable and sustainable businesses to meet today’s demand of the food, feed, cosmetics and materials industries.

Together with our partners we are creating food of the future, sustainable, efficient, safe, nutritious – and delicious. We are working on natural, plant based products with clean and clear label and of high quality, which are respecting humans, animals and environment alike. In the core of our work and products are algae and algae derived ingredients, which can deliver a sustainable solution to feed the world, to deliver high quality alternative plant-protein as well as functional food. We are working on verticals and one other focus are is algae-based bio-plastics and -materials. Due to the skin being our biggest organ we also work in the field of functional cosmetics.

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